Reopening the Workplace After COVID-19: A Checklist for Businesses

As states, and cities begin to ease lockdown restrictions, thischecklist for reopening businesses can help you jumpstart your return.


You and your employees have been quarantined in your homes for the past few weeks or months, and now authorities are looking to lift restrictions and open up. You may be thinking, “We’ll be back soon, and I can get outof this house!” The problem is, if you just pick up and go, and don’t prepare for having people back in the workplace, you may run into issues that could have been easily avoided.


Now is the time to prepare.


This checklist is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but it can help provide guidance as you look to reopen. It’s organised into four sections: People, Workplace, Technology, and Your Customers. Everyone’s situation is unique, but evaluating your plan with these components in mind can help you get organized and anticipate obstacles.

Reopening the Workplace After COVID 19,

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