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“Essential Eight” Recommendations that provide mitigation strategies to:
1. Prevent Malware Delivery and Execution
Application Whitelisting
of approved/trusted programs to prevent the execution of unapproved/malicious programs

Application Patching
Investigate whether patching is occurring at a frequency sufficient to provide
adequate resilience to malware attacks

Microsoft Office Macro Settings

User Application Hardening
2. Extent of Cyber Security Incidents
Restrict administrative privileges

Patch operating systems

Multi-factor authentication

3. Recover Data and System Availability
Daily Backups
Much has changed in the Disaster Recovery, Backup and Business Continuity space,
we will investigate whether your current procedures provide adequate protection in
today's environment.
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Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
How does it work?

After you book your free audit and security check, Net Intellect will visit your business at a convenient time. If you are not based in the Riverina, we can arrange for this to be done remotely.

Then we will assess t8 main areas for security completely free of charge.

After the evaluation, we will give you our suggestions to improve security measures. This could include suggestions that you can do yourself or we may also suggest the best course of action using our security services.

If you would like to take up any service we can provide a free quote.

Am I under any obligation?

No. We like to reassure you that you are under NO obligation at any time to undertake our recommendations.

How long does it take?

Around 3 hours.
Is this service really free?

Yes, this security check service is completely free even if you do not purchase a service from us.

How do I book?

Complete the form above or call 02 6051 0999.

Which areas do you service?

Australia-wide in some cases. We are based in Albury Wodonga and the majority of our clients are in the Riverina region.

I'm not based in Albury, can I still get a check?

Absolutely! The power of technology allows us to service businesses Australia-wide.
A few of our happy clients
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
You don't know what you can't see
There’s no end to the horror stories told these days about the disasters that can come of tech problems: cyber theft, data breaches, worms and viruses that hide in your system and destroy the information that means so much to your business. It seems even as if just having out-of-date technology solutions can leave your business at risk. It’s worrying enough to know about the potential problems out there, let alone having to figure out how to protect against them.

That’s why Net Intellect offers a complete IT Assessment of your technology systems to identify any vulnerabilities you may have, and unlike other IT companies in Albury Wodonga., we offer it for free.

We offer advanced reporting and scanning to evaluate your system for any security problems or compliance issues that may be lurking in your computers, servers, network, routers, mainframes, switches, data centres and more. With our help, you can put your mind at ease by knowing exactly what steps, if any, are needed to keep your information safe.
Net Intellects free IT Assessment helps your business by making sure:
  Your hardware and software are all up-to-date and safe against cyber threats.
  All your licenses are up-to-date and valid.
  Your servers are performing at peak efficiency.
  Your IT and data are secure.
  Your network is free of any trouble spots.
  Your IT systems are the best you can get for promoting your business goals and operations
Don’t leave your business at the risk of being crippled by security vulnerabilities and out-dated solutions that you can fix now. Schedule your free IT assessment with Net Intellect by completing the form below. We will make sure you know your IT systems are safe and secure, so you can make sure your tech is working for you, and not against.
Formed in 1996, Net Intellect has established a solid reputation as a provider of high quality IT services to businesses throughout regional Australia.

Based in Albury/Wodonga, Net Intellect is equipped to service a broad range of clients ranging from small enterprises with five computers right through to government organisations with upwards of 100 computers.

Through its team of highly experienced personnel, Net Intellect offers a competitive mobile service that meets and exceeds business IT requirements throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard.
About Net Intellect - Proudly locally owned and operated
The Net Intellect Vision
Net Intellect is committed to providing professional and affordable network solutions for small to medium sized businesses by delivering:
  Global IT standards in regional Australia
  Superior, personalised customer service
  An experienced team of IT professionals that comes to you
  Services available from 8:30am to 5:30pm unless by special arrangement
  Extensive product offering from simple desktop setups through to complex network infrastructure.
Is your Business at Risk?,
Obligation Free IT Security Audit - Don't leave your business as risk!
We have seen so many frustrated business owners being held back from doing what they do best because of unreliable IT systems.

That's why we made it our mission to help businesses to overcome this frustration and prosper.

We are so passionate about technology and appreciate it when it works well, we want our clients to have the same appreciation not frustration.

By taking the Free IT Audit and security check service, not only do you save $659.00 but you also get a good idea how healthy and secure your IT system is.

Start planning today for a brighter, more profitable tomorrow.

To schedule a no-obligation appointment with our business technology consultants, simply fill in the contact form or just call us on 02 6051 0999 to book your Free Audit.

** available to new clients only.
PO Box 623, 599 Nurigong St, Albury NSW 2640
T: 02 6051 0999 | E: info@netintellect.com.au
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Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
Is your Business at Risk?,
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